table d’hôte

tah´-bluh DOAT´

(literal French, ‘table of the host’)

Table d’hôte refers to a set meal served to all guests at a stated hour and fixed price, as is the practice at some inns, simple eateries, and bed and breakfast lodgings.

In other words, it’s like eating at home: everyone eats what mom (or dad, cook, chef) puts on the table when she (or he) puts it on the table.

At times, table d’hôte is incorrectly used as a synonym for prix fixe. While the table d’hôte system is prix fixe, (in other words, offered at a set price), all prix fixe situations are not table d’hôte.

In review, under the table d’hôte system, everyone at the table eats the same thing at the same time. Under prix fixe, individual diners may choose from various set-price menus and may dine when they please.

My apologies, but since our service is table d’hôte, we can’t replace the chocolate torte with a different dessert.