cuisine classique

The sophisticated dishes of cuisine classique are usually presented in sophisticated settings.

kwee-ZEEN´ claw-SEEK´

Cuisine classique is the classic branch of French haute cuisine. Known for its heavy use of cream and butter, it was developed over centuries in royal and aristocratic households. Chef and culinary writer Auguste Escoffier (1846-1935) standardized and codified the system in the early twentieth century.

Cuisine classique emphasizes rich ingredients and balanced flavors in elegant presentations. At its base are five “mother” sauces that can be endlessly varied to fit individual recipes.

The large repertoire of cuisine classique, which includes dishes such as tournedos Rossini, truite meunière, and homard à l’americaine, is served in restaurants all over the world.

I adore French haute cuisine, but only the cuisine classique version: nouvelle cuisine, with its crunchy vegetables and lack of heavy sauces, is not for me.