fashion week

Runway model at Paris Fashion Week.

The truth is, there’s not just one—there are at least
ten official fashion weeks held around the globe each

Each of the Big Four fashion capitals holds at least two
annual prêt-à-porter fashion weeks: one in February or early
March (to showcase upcoming fall/winter collections), and
another in September or early October (to highlight the following
year’s spring/summer designs).

During each fashion week, designers based in the host city
present runway shows for the press, merchants, celebrities, and
prospective clients.

Big Four fashion weeks are always held in order, with New
York taking the first week, followed by London, Milan, and
Paris. Paris holds two additional fashion weeks each year—in
January and July—to showcase haute couture collections.

Note: capitalize fashion week when it’s used with a city, e.g.,
Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week.