ski-in, ski-out

The term ski-in, ski-out can be tricky, with multiple meanings, so use caution when booking a property that claims to fall under this category. In a best-case scenario, or the arrangement most beneficial to skiers, the term means that a property (house, condo, hotel) is situated directly on a … Continue reading


A steeplechase is a distance horse race in which competitors jump obstacles in the form of ditches and fences. The name of the competition comes from early races in Ireland, where the sport originated. Horses and riders were required to race across the countryside, from one church steeple to … Continue reading


druh-SAHZH´ (French for ‘training') Dressage is a classical form of horse training, as well as a sport designed to gauge how well a horse has responded to this training. In a dressage competition, a horse must execute a variety of movements, called airs, in response to barely perceptible … Continue reading

Cartagena, Colombia

car´-tuh-HAY´-nuh The new darling of the Caribbean is not an island, but rather a 16th-century colonial city on Colombia’s northern coast: Cartagena. Jet-setters have been secretly enjoying the delights of Cartagena for years, strolling the perfectly preserved colonial streets, dining under … Continue reading

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

BOR´-uh BOR´-uh Forget Hawaii and forget the Caribbean—when true jet-setters want a sun and beach vacation, the current destination of choice is Bora Bora, a tiny island (six miles long and two miles wide) northwest of Tahiti. Here, for $1000-plus a night, you’ll get the following: a … Continue reading