Après-ski in St. Moritz: sunbathing on the snow.


(French for ‘after-ski’)

Après-ski describes the activities in which skiers participate after a day (or morning, or afternoon) on the slopes, or pistes.

More broadly, après-ski refers to any activity at a winter resort other than skiing.

These activities may include dining, shopping, dancing, snowmobiling, sleighing, driving ice go-carts—even sunbathing (they do it in St. Moritz) and playing snow polo (yes, it does exist).

Après-ski functions as both a noun and an adjective:

Aspen has fabulous après-ski.

The pizza place on Park City’s Main Street is a popular après-ski hangout.

My wife loves to go to Aspen, but she’s never once hit the slopes. For her, it’s all about the après-ski.