verre églomisé

Screen made of verre églomisé.

VEHR´ ay´-gloh-mee-ZAY´

Verre églomisé is glass that’s been decorated on the reverse side with paint and gold (or silver) leaf.

The verre églomisé process results in a gleaming, luxurious finish that’s often used on screens, dividers, or entire walls.

To create verre églomisé, an artisan first paints a design on the back of a glass panel. He then applies gold or silver leaf on top of the design to cover the panel’s entire reverse side, creating a mirror-type finish when seen from the front.

Finally, the artisan seals the panel with varnish or another piece of glass.

Verre églomisé gives “wow factor” to private homes as well as public places, such as restaurants and hotel lobbies.

Diane’s foyer really knocks your socks off: the entire space is covered in verre églomisé.